Mpix Photo Album Review {A Stunning Photo Book and a BIG Discount!}

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The Mpix Photo Album is a treasure chest for showing off special photos in your life. Weddings, graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, or photoshoots marking a special occasion - you'll be sure the photos will be presented in their best light in this album. Mpix has a variety of photo books and is a sponsor of this blog. [...]

Mpix Review: Documenting the Quarantine with a Photo Book

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This Mpix Review will tell you the story of a well-intentioned but busy mom (guess who that would be?), patient children who posed for many a photo, and photo book that saved me hours, even days, worth of time. (Thank you to Mpix, a sponsor of this blog, for giving me this photo book to review [...]

Lightroom Keywords: How, Why + Some Hidden Features

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Lightroom keywords are the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions that I get - what is the best way to organize an ever-growing collection of photos? Lightroom keywords allow you to organize, search for, and find that photo you only have a hazy memory of, and to slice and dice all your images [...]