Ok, y’all. I’ve been writing these Black Friday posts for a long time now. They get boring after a while, because it’s the same stuff on sale year after year. So this year, I’m going to mix it up a bit. I’ll have a quick list of the photographer basics that you should know about if you need new gear. But also, I’ve included some “treats” that photographers and women in general might like.

The Must-Have Stocking Stuffer

This Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is the best “lip stuff” I have ever used. Gone are the days of chapped lips in winter. I use it throughout the day, in spite of the name. Two are going in each of my daughters’ stockings this year, plus two in mine! I’ve had a large size on my bed-size table for a couple of years now and it’s still got plenty left. Now I want one for my purse and desk.

A Book for Needleworkers

I know of lot of you are quilters, needlepointers, cross stichers, and sewers. Have you read this beautiful book? A Single Thread is tailor-made (no pun intended) for those of us who build friendships and community through our hobbies.

Glass Pumpkins with LED Lights & a Timer!

I resisted buying these adorable pumpkins for Halloween, but I’m regretting now that they aren’t centerpieces on my Thanksgiving table. You can be sure I won’t make that mistake again. They have a timer and are battery powered to boot, so no annoying cords to mess up your arrangement.

And now for the photography stuff!

A Camera Bag on Wheels

I have recommended a lot of camera bags in my life. I’ve used a lot of camera bags in my life. And they were always cute bags. Because if it wasn’t cute, well, it wasn’t a good bag.

But now I’m all about utility and protecting the back, neck, and shoulders. Toting a camera on vacation can be heavy enough. Why risk hurting your neck before you get there by carrying the equipment through the airport?

What I like about this model is (a), the price, and (b), it’s got plenty of room to hold all my other carry-on stuff. Books, tables, Laneige Lips Sleeping Mask, whatever. I’ll put a smaller, everyday bag in my suitcase. (I love my Lowepro for everyday. It’s an older version of this model.)

So, Santa, pleeeease?

The Usuals

This is where it gets repetitive. The items below are staples of photography. Is it exciting when eggs go on sale? No, but you buy them anyway because you know you need them.

These photography staples usually have good Black Friday prices. And this year is no exception!

Photoshop Elements 2020 is a good one. You can read my review here. And given that its normal price is $99.99, the price right now is great!

Nikon shooters, this is a GREAT deal if you are ready to move to a full-frame:

And Canon shooters, here’s an entry-level full-frame for you:

Look at the discount on the 5D Mark IV!

And if you don’t have a 50mm lens for your camera yet, now’s a good time. This is the lens to get if you are ready to upgrade your kit lens. Canon usually discounts their 50mm F/1.4 by $50. This year, the discount is $100. It’s a great deal for a lens of superb quality!

And Nikon users, here’s the equivalent lens for you:

Last, but not least, these last two recommendations are for those of you who like smaller, mirrorless cameras. I love this little Olympus model – its photo quality is great.

And the equivalent of a 50mm for that camera is this 25mm:

Ok, friends. Let me know if you have questions or need gear recommendations. Or post a comment below if you find a deal that isn’t mentioned above! Happy shopping!