The article below contains affiliate links, links to sponsors of this blog, and links to products that I was given for free to review. All opinions are honest and I’ve left off many “cheap” deals for products that aren’t worth your money!

Hello, friends! Did you celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday? If so, I hope yours was as wonderful as mine, filled with family, friends, food, and a million and one other nice things.

And now that we’ve given thanks, it’s time for us to buy more stuff for which to be grateful. Not sure about that logic, but whatever! I’m excited to shop today!

Below are the deals I’m watching this weekend, either because I want them for myself, or I think they would be helpful for you! The prices are accurate as of 10:20 AM CST on Friday, November 23, 2018.

Black Friday 2018 Photographer’s Buying Guide

Canon 6D Mark II

I shoot with the 6D Mark I, and my stepdad has the Mark II. I’ve used his before and love it! The Mark II has the following upgrades over the Mark I:

  • The Mark II has 45 focus points, vs. 11 on the original 6D.
  • The Mark II has an articulating screen, which makes it easier to take photos from odd angles.
  • The Mark II goes up to ISO 40,000. (If you’d ever want to use it!)
  • The Mark II has a touchscreen.
  • The Mark II can connect via Bluetooth.


Right now at Amazon, you can save 28% on this camera. That’s a huge discount and it’s a great price for a full-frame camera.

Pro tip: if you’re buying, you probably don’t need the accessory bundle, the storage bundle, the battery grip bundle, or the Speedlite. Seriously. In my experience, you don’t usually save money on the upsells with cameras.

Canon 5D Mark IV

Are you ready to move up to a professional grade camera? The 5D Mark IV is on sale for a $500 discount too. But that’s only a 15% discount on this model, so the sale isn’t as big. It’s current price is the lowest this camera has ever gone for on Amazon. If you’ve been watching it, now’s a good time to buy.





Sony Alpha a7II Mirrorless

If you’ve been thinking about the move to mirrorless, the Sony Alpha A7II is a great place to start. It’s full frame, believe it or not, and as of Monday, November 26, 2018, it’s going for a big discount! I know several people who do great work with this camera’s big brother (the a7III). The a7III improved in some important features over the a7II, including sensor type and ISO capability and it costs a lot more! The a7II is a great way to break into shooting mirrorless and makes a great lighter-weight vacation camera.

Canon 70-200 F/4

I have this lens and love it! It’s what I take to swim meets, soccer games, and the occasional portrait session (its long focal length makes for super-flattering portraits!).

And if you’re worried about needing a wider aperture, think about this: when you’re shooting sports events or anything else at a long distance, you generally don’t want a tiny depth of field anyway. It makes proper focus harder to achieve.


This lens makes lovely bokeh for portraits. In my Guided 365, we talk about the three factors that go into creating background blur – it’s not just about aperture. Even at apertures smaller than f/4, this lens will blur the background beautifully.

Amazon is offering it for a 20% discount over its normal cost. And its big brother, the f/2.8, goes for more than 3 times as much! The current price is a super deal for this lens.








Learn to Use Your New Camera and Lenses

My 2019 Guided 365 is now open for registration. If I do say so myself, this course is the BEST WAY to learn your camera backward and forward. We all know that the best way to learn is to spend a few minutes every day practicing, right?  But with photography, it’s hard to know what to shoot or what to learn on any given day.

I created the Guided 365 to give you a ten-minute photography lesson each day of the year, and I tell you exactly what to shoot so that you don’t have to stress about finding a good subject. My shooting prompts are easy to find – you don’t even need to leave home. Plus I’ll answer all of your questions about the lessons!

If you register now, you’ll pay the 2017 price of $19.99 a month for 12 months. That’s a 20% discount over the $24.99 price from last year. And it’s way cheaper than the online workshops that only last four weeks and only teach you a fraction of what you’ll learn in the Guided 365!

Learn to Edit Your Photos

This weekend only, my editing courses are all 50% off. That’s the biggest discount I’ve ever offered! Check them out here:

Interested in the Photoshop AND Lightroom workshops? Or the Elements AND Advanced Elements workshops? Put one into your cart and a special deal will appear on the other!

Photoshop Elements

I’m a bit disappointed in the Elements deals this weekend. You’ll only save if you want to purchase Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, which edits movies, together. And you might as well get Premiere too because you’ll pay the same price as you would in getting Elements alone.

Photoshop Elements + Premiere Elements 2019 is currently going for a 33% discount off its regular price.




The Only Tripod You’ll Ever Need

I bought this tripod last summer and LOVE IT. It’s the most flexible tripod I’ve ever used. It shoots straight down for food photography or flatlays. It can hold the camera just above the ground, which is perfect for outdoor macro photography. It even converts to a monopod for those times when you don’t want to tote the entire tripod with you.

When I wrote about it last summer, many of you purchased it as well. I’ve heard back from several of you that you love it as much as I do!

Make sure you check the box that applies the $20 coupon to your purchase to get this tripod at its sale price. 

This deal is over now.



Gift Prints

Mpix is offering a 20% discount on prints through November 28. Now’s the time to order the prints that you’re giving as gifts this year.

Holiday Card Templates

Cindy at Impromptu Photography is offering a Black Friday sale on her templates and brushes. Use code Blackfriday to save 15%. Her templates are elegant and subtle, and her brush-based word art is fabulous. I’m headed over to download her set of 10 Merry Christmas brushes as we speak.

My Own Personal Santa Request

We recently bought the kids Amazon Echos to keep in their rooms. They have to leave their phones, iPads, etc. in the living room after a certain time each day, and we were hearing a lot of:

  • but Mom, I want to listen to music before bed.
  • but Mom, I want to set an alarm that plays music.
  • but Mom, playing music on my phone’s speaker sounds terrible. And I have to agree with that.

The Echo with Alexa has solved all those problems. And now I want one. With one in the kitchen, I’ll be able to:

  • change the music with my voice when my hands are elbow-deep in a bowl mixing meatloaf.
  • use the awesome drop-in intercom feature to tell them dinner is read or to come pick their shoes up off the floor.
  • use the awesome drop-in intercome to remind them that I actually meant BOTH SHOES, not just the one. 🙄
  • plus listen to the news, update my Amazon shopping list, and all the other stuff Alexa does. You have to be a Prime member in order to take advantage of most of these Alexa goodies. Here’s a special link to get a free 30-day Prime trial. Use it to save on shipping your holiday presents and then cancel if you don’t like it!

The Echos are on for a 30% discount from their regular price. I might just order 2!

Ok, y’all. Those are my favorite deals for now. I’ll keep an eye on Amazon over the weekend, and will come back to update this list if anything of the can’t-live-without variety pops up. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!