Learn the Rest of Elements

Advanced Photoshop Elements
You know the ins and outs of Photoshop Elements. Layer Masks? No problem. Sharpening? You got it.

But you know that Elements can do much more. You are ready for the rest of story.

What's Inlcuded?
Advanced Photoshop Elements
This course contains 3 units of material,. A new unit is available once a week for three weeks. Work at your own pace: no due dates for homework and you have lifetime access to the course material.

You Will Learn:
Workshop highlights are below. In addition, you'll receive 6 other lessons on advanced layer masking, advanced brush techniques, creative treatments and filters.
Advanced Color Correction
Minimize blown highlights and colors. Repair color casts.
Use the Elements selection tools to shortcut complicated layer masking.
In other words, change what God gave you.
Improve Composition
Remove distractions, swap heads and perfect the background.
Choose the best actions for your editing needs and use them the right way.
Apply textures to your images to mask distractions, add sun or light effects or get creative.
Use or even create templates to make cards, notes, scrapbook pages or other graphics.
De-mystify the crazy Elements text tool.
What to Expect from Your Registration
Each week you’ll get topical PDFs chock full of information on learning Elements plus videos to support the concepts from the PDFs.  Each week, you'll prepare detailed homework assignments to edit a photo using specific techniques covered in the course material. This homework and the feedback I give you is designed to help you understand and retain the course material as easily as possible!
 I will “grade” each homework assignment and provide a thorough assessment of your edits. Access these resources in an online classroom that is open to you 24/7.  Ask me unlimited questions about your photo edits!  Post your questions in our virtual classroom and I will answer them as soon as possible.  Share ideas and questions with other students.  See their homework and read through my reviews of their work to learn even more. (Silent participation students learn on their own. They don't post homework for grading or questions.)

Work at your own pace: no due dates, and your access to course materials and the forum doesn't expire.
175+ PDF Pages
Organized into 14 easy-to-follow lessons.
Over 7 hours of video
Your to download and keep forever!
Practice files (in case you can't find a photo of your own for a specific edit), a card template and a cheat sheet.
"I feel that these elements courses have brought my photography to a professional level. The confidence to start my own business derived from the basic element course and now the advanced class allows me to compete with other photographers in my area. This new adventure in photography is made possible because of Erin's great instruction and guidance. While I still need more practice, I always can refer back to the materials given in these courses which gives me the tools to try new things and explore myself as a photographer. I cannot wait to see what the future holds with my photos and I look forward to taking any new course Erin offers!!"
Did I mention that I will grade your homework?  It’s so much more than a grade.  I will spend a lot of time preparing a detailed assessment of your edit.  What works, what doesn’t. What you can do to take it to the next level.  Rework your homework based on my suggestions, and resubmit it for any further feedback.  Ask me any questions you can think of about my assessment or the techniques I suggest.
Course Options
Silent Participation
$29 $79 
  • Download all course materials
  • Read all forum posts, including questions, answers & graded homework
Full Participation
  • Download all course materials
  • Read all forum posts, including questions, answers & graded homework
  • Post in forum, including asking questions and turning in homework
  • Ask unlimited questions about course material
  • Receive comprehensive feedback on homework assignments
Refund Policy
No refunds are available after any course materials have been presented.