I’m so excited to tell you that, as of today, Lightroom mobile is available! iPad users can now connect their computers to their iPads to transfer files and create basic edits. No more being stuck at a desk to work – that is exciting, right?! I’ve been waiting to spill the beans on this one for a while now!



Lightroom mobile will work with iPad photos as well as camera photos that you’ve imported onto your iPad. With Lightroom mobile, I can leave my laptop at home during this summer’s vacation. I’ll import my Raw photos from my Canon 6D to the iPad, review them to find the best images, and create basic corrective edits on my favorites. Lightroom mobile will:

·         Sync mobile edits, metadata and collection changes back to the Lightroom catalog on a Mac or Windows computer

·         Automatically import images captured on an iPad and sync back to a Lightroom catalog on the desktop

·         Work on images, even when your iPad is offline, for a truly portable experience

·         Sync photos between Lightroom 5 and Lightroom mobile; synced photos can also be viewed from any Web browser

All mobile work is automatically synced back to your desktop.


You can also transfer photos from your computer to your iPad using Lightroom mobile, to show off using the built-in slideshow or to edit on the go. These on-the-go edits are powered by Lightroom 5’s Smart Previews.


Lightroom mobile currently only works with the iPad, but it will be available soon for the iPhone.

How do you get it? First, you need to have Lightroom 5. Second, you need to subscribe to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. I suspect that a lot of you Elements users aren’t Creative Cloud members (yet). However, the Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Photography Program gives photographers access to Lightroom 5, Lightroom mobile and Photoshop CC for $9.99 per month. That’s not bad, is it?

If you subscribe to CC, this is how to get Lightroom mobile. Today, April 8, you’ll be prompted to upgrade Lightroom when you open it. After upgrading, download the Lightroom mobile app from the app store. Logging in to both the desktop LR and the app using your Adobe ID allows you to sync your desktop and your iPad Lightroom installations.


Click here for more details on using Lightroom mobile. 

I’m curious. How many of you do subscribe to CC? Are you thinking about it?

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