2 new actions for Photoshop Elements are waiting for you to download!

The first is MCP’s latest freebie for Elements – Touch of Light/Touch of Darkness.  It’s similar to Dodge and Burn, but easier and more effective.  This action will pull a face out of the shadows or calm down a bright spot.

And the 2nd new action?  MCP’s Complete Workflow is now available for Photoshop Elements!

This was a tough conversion for me because I had to create an Elements workaround for a intense Lab mode color pop.  It took countless attempts before finding a version that Jodi and I were both happy with.  I think you will like the results!

MCP’s Complete Workflow contains 8 actions, including 5 end-to-end workflow actions.  Everything you need to edit an image from start to finish is included in these workflows, plus 3 different levels of color pop, a black and white with optional tints, and a great vintage action.

In addition to the workflow actions, there are 3 helper actions to correct exposure.  Bring detail out of the shadows, make your darks darker and richer, or rein in those out-of-control highlights.

Each action has adjustable layers and layer masks to give you complete control.  For instance, I masked out the vintage effect on the eyes and lips of the shot below with a low opacity brush to add a little color back.

I prepared these images for posting on the internet using MCP’s Finish It for Photoshop Elements to resize, frame, add text area and watermark.  The vignettes in the above screen shots were added after running MCP’s Complete Workflow.

The Complete Workflow is compatible with PSE 5, 6, 7 and 8.  Enjoy!