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An innovative class that teaches you photography the best way: step by simple step. Shoot on manual in 30 days. Finish the project as a master of composition and creative shooting.

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Online Photoshop Elements Class

This online Photoshop Elements class gives you what you need to edit photos like a pro in PSE. Digital Photography for Moms is renowned for detailed feedback on your homework assignments. Let’s edit those photos together!


Online Lightroom Class

7+ hours of video, hundreds of PDF pages, plus the interaction that Digital Photography for Moms is known for. Answers to every question you ask about course material.


What’s Special About DPM Workshops?

No need to finish the class in 4 week. Take as long as you need. I’ll provide feedback on your homework whenever you turn it in! Come back and ask a question about course material whenever it occurs to you.
For every homework assignment you turn in, I’ll tell you what is great and what I would have done differently. Re-edit your photo and turn it in again until you are happy with it.
I’ll answer whatever you can throw at me about course material, no matter when you post it.

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About Digital Photography for Moms

Silly. Messy. (Picture) Perfect.

These are YOUR memories.

When your little ones are…

Scribbling all over their arms with markers,

Cuddling your drooling pup,

Or pouncing on a pile of toys like a cat.

It’s life, and it’s lovely.

And you should capture those moments wherever, whenever, and however you can.

But making your final prints look and feel as intense as your memories themselves… well, that’s another story! Not to worry!

You’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know to bring your pics from so-so to super snazzy.

Welcome to Digital Photography for Moms. I’m Erin Peloquin, photographer, blogger, and loving mom of 2, and I’m here to help you bring professional skills and tools to your family photos.

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This class was fantastic! Being a brand new Lightroom user, I was afraid this class would be overwhelming. Erin’s class is so easy to follow and I received great feedback on my assignments. I will definitely be back for another class by Erin in the near future!
I’ve taken other “Introduction to Lightroom” classes at other websites. This was by far the most comprehensive class of all I’ve taken. The class materials were very clear and easy to understand. If I could do it over, I would skip most of the others and just take this one class.
Thank you Erin. I have been afraid of editing because I felt so overwhelmed by Photoshop Elements. As a result my images were lacking. Since taking your course, I am no longer afraid and I feel like a pro. Missing the shot is no longer a big deal because I know how to fix it! And even better, I’m having fun doing it! Loved the interaction between the other students too. Was a great way to learn even more.
I have been taking photographs in manual mode now for 2 years but have not printed any. Having never learned any editing I decided to jump straight in with both feet & my memory stick & take Erin’s course. The course was easy to follow and explained in the simplest terms and now I am ready to print and maybe even show others my work! Thank You Erin!
I can’t say enough good things about the Photoshop Elements class I took with Erin at Texas Chicks. The amount of time she puts into making the pdf files and videos to follow along to is out of this world. There is no textbook out there that can supply the amount of information she gives you when taking this class. Erin has a true passion for photography and the patience she has to teach others is phenomenal. I have learned so much from just this one small 4 week class that I can’t wait to see where it takes me! No more relying on using actions in photoshop! Thank you, Erin!
Thank you for offering this course. I enjoyed it so much! I’ve been using actions for awhile, but I didn’t really understand the concepts behind them until now. It has added a whole new level of things that I can do with my pictures. Your teaching methods were very thorough– you answered nearly every question I had right as I was thinking it. 🙂 Thanks again!”
I contemplated taking Erin’s class for over a year before I finally signed up. I am so glad that I did! After taking this class I feel much more confident in my photos. I now have a very good understanding at how to approach an edit and there are so many things I can do with a photo now that I have this knowledge! Erin made the lessons very easy to understand and was very thorough in her instructions. I also enjoyed being a live participant. That was a last minute decision for me and it was the right one. I really benefited from Erin’s feedback on my photos and from the critiques and encouragement of my classmates as well. If you are considering this class to improve your photos and learn PSE, then I highly recommend it! I just wish I had taken it sooner!